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Inspired by Tradition

Greco Gold, an authentic ornament in the amphitheatrical port town of Hydra, first opened its doors in the early 1970’s. Since then, Lycourgos Keramidas and his family have been providing high-end jewelry in both classic and contemporary designs. Along with a commitment to elevated design, genuine customer service has been emblematic of our approach from the very start.

At the dawn of the 21st Century, it was time for the 2nd generation to be part of this story, with fresh ideas and a constant glance to the future, but always loyal to the inherited values ensuring the continuation of tradition.


Greco Gold’s journey has continuously reflected the merits of creativity and consistency in quality, backed by our integrity and passion for sustaining genuine relationship across generations.

Every visitor becomes a friend and a life story is created through the selection of precious jewels.

Today, aside from Greco Gold’s collections which are constantly replenished, its showcases host collections of MINAS, GEORG JENSEN, as well as watches from ARNE JACOBSEN and PICTO.